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High Quality Photos of the Human Figure.

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Art Models is available in a variety of formats to fit your customers’ budget. They are soft cover without disk, soft cover with disk, hardcover with disk, hardcover without disk (note: hardcover has a lay flat binding for hands free use.) Please see product table for pricing.

All versions:
• Have 160 pages with 100 poses and more than 500 high resolution full color photos.
• Are designed for artists at all skill levels.
• Have a variety of male and female models in everyday, modern and classical poses. Versions sold with the companion disk:
• Have the PC & Mac compatible companion DVD-ROM that contains each pose in a full 360 degree rotation for a total of 3000+ high resolution photos.
• Provide the ability to zoom in on every photo for exceptional detail

Increase your sales with Art Models the premier figurative reference. Inspire your customers to create figurative art by providing them the opportunity to step into the studio 24/7 with eleven professional art models in over a hundred beautifully photographed full color poses.

Art Models can motivate your customers to practice more often and encourage them to try using different media.
Art Models can be sold by itself or paired with other art supplies, for instance:
Sculptors: • Carving tools • Clay • Casting Materials, etc
Painters: • Canvasses • Brushes • Paints, etc
Drawing: • Sketch Pads • Pencils • Charcoals
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Live Model Books specializes in high quality photos designed specifically for figurative artists. This site provides carefully planned and executed photos designed specifically for people who work with the human figure. Our "Art Models" collections are available in Books, Disks and instant access Downloads.